Best organic olive oil competition around the world BIOL

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  • January 12, 2019
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In one of the largest and most important international competitions focusing on the organic extra virgin Olive Oil “BIOL Award” in Campania-Italy, ِWatania Organic olive oil was awarded a Gold Award by 30 jurors from various countries. After this twenty-second edition of the BIOL competition in Italy, With over 350 olive oil from 15 countries competing,


The competition focused on the quality of organic olive oil, The three-day event was held in March/March 2018, in addition to technical conferences on topics such as innovations in organic olive growing, In addition to the olive tasting and evaluation courses, and the award-winning Olive olives workshops and exhibition.

BIOL Award for the development of environmentally friendly sustainable organic agriculture and the production of semi-neutral olive oil for energy, With the aim of promoting biodiversity, supporting social projects and contributing to the development of the region and the use of recyclable packaging materials.


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