Al Watania Agriculture Company for Palm and Dates:


Al Watania Agriculture Company for palm and dates emerged from Al Watania Agriculture Company as an independent business unit in 2018 and achieved a distinguished position among the agriculture companies engaged in dates and palm cultivation. It has become a leader in this field. Al Watania for Palm and Dates have continued to review their efficiency and commitment to quality and have been awarded a permanent certificate of organic products (CERES) of 2018. Most of Al Watania products of palm and dates are characterized by obtaining the organic and quality certificate from the Saudi Arabian Organization for Standardization and Metrology (SASO), Which confirms the quality of the Al Watania Agriculture products of palm and dates by international and local standards. Al Watania Company for Palm and Dates pays great attention to rationalizing the water resources of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is considered the first agriculture company to apply the under-surface irrigation system in the irrigation of palm fields. Al Watania Agriculture Company for palm and Dates achieved a significant achievement in rationalizing irrigation water using the latest sub- Remote and automatic water control

 The spread of our farms and date varieties


As a result of the agriculture policy approach in the Kingdom in diversifying agriculture products and producing organic dates, our farms in the north, center and south of the Kingdom are spread over hundreds of hectares. These farms contain about 160,000 palm trees and produce about 5,000 tons of raw organic dates for more than 25 varieties of the dates (Sugar, Khallas, Nana, Nabatat Ali, Rashoudia, Sabakah, Majdul, Khadri, Shishi, Deqla Noor, Burhi, Salj) all have the highest certified certificates in this field such as ISO certification and (CERES). Due to the increasing demand for organic dates, Al Watania Agriculture Company for palm and Dates is proud to have production lines that meet all the needs of its customers through the diversity of its production of raw dates, re-packaged dates, cut dates, cores dates, molasses, and dates paste.

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