Mission & Vision


"Producing and marketing of natural agricultural, Animal and industrially processed food products."


  • Supporting the reputation and distinctive impression of the company and its projects.

  • Supporting "Watania" trade mark inside and outside the kingdom and ensuring its distinctiveness to the classes that have relations with the company, its projects and products.

  • Ensuring quality of the products supplied by the company and reasonable prices of such products to meet market trends and client's needs.

  • Ensuring distinctiveness in customers service and ensuring their satisfaction to the company's
    products and policies.

  • Investment in development of producing fodder, cereals, fruits, vegetables, animal (Live stock) processed food products and organic fertilizers.

  • Using the most modern techniques in land reform, increasing the arable land, treatment of agricultural soil problems, protection against pests and insects that may cause damage to agricultural and animal assets. Rationalization of using water. Conservation of natural resources in harmony with nature. 

  • Following up the most modern agricultural technologies that may appear from time to time both inside and outside theKingdom. Making such technologies available or importing the same where its feasibility was proven in enhancing production and reducing costs.

  • Investment in Research and Development with extensive operational testing in the field of development of agricultural, animal, industrial aspects in a way that can ensure efficiency and improve product quality, save costs and make use of available resources. Encourage the company's officials and employees in the application of creativity and development in all aspects of the work.

  • Achieving reasonable income in investment of agricultural projects through the ideal use of facilities and resources. 

  • Achievement of close and distinctive relation with its customers and its foreign environment. Supporting the company's role in active participation in national development, targeted participation in economic and social issues and matters relating to the company's environment and projects.

  • Realization of healthy food products.

  • To attain market leadership in the kingdom for Organic agriculture and animal products. Distinctive national organization in organic farming.

  • Providing food security to the kingdom and contributing to Kingdom's self-reliance and economic development.