Al-Watania Agriculture Holding

We are a holding company for a group of subsidiaries. we make changes and achievements from our accumulated experience, lessons learned and planned plans.

  We are keen to attract people who have competence and experience to reach institutional and operational excellence and sustainable development in business growth.

We offer you the food you trust

  We are dedicated to managing the business of our subsidiaries in the agriculture, manufacturing, food, beverage, retail,marketing, transport and distribution fields in order to achieve excellence and leadership. Moreover, search for distinguished investment opportunities and form partnerships and strategic alliances locally and internationally.

 ‎    This policy is not only for the great potential of the company and confidence in its capabilities and cadres, but also from the great experience led by the founder Sheikh Sulaiman bin Abdul Aziz Al Rajhi, God protect him, from which we learned thebasic lesson in the science of administration and  from which we started.

    Corporate Managers

Eng. Ibrahim Abu abah

Chief Executive Officer

Waleed Al-Malki

GM Shared Services

 Ayman Abu Abah

Vice President

    Business Unite Managers




Palm and Date

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