About us

Al Watania Agriculture Co. was established in 1982, it was founded by Sheikh Sulaiman Abdul Aziz Al Rajhi.  To be a social initiative to achieve the food security and provide healthy, fresh food. By the grace of almighty God, Al Watania  Agriculture has become today one of the leading companies in the world in addition to being the most important and largest company specialized in organic agricultural production in the Middle East, Through its work on managing a group of its subsidiaries in various fields, such as agricultural and animal production and food processing.







Al Watania Agricultural produces from its farms in the company's projects spread throughout the Kingdom, thousands of tons annually of organic and natural fruits and vegetables, which produces many other products such as organic juices, organic flour and others.


Al Watania Agricultural Company works through its factories to manufacture food and beverages of high nutritional value. Where the company produces a wide of assortment with different flavors of juices and drinks that carry reliable brands at the local and regional levels. Al Watania Agricultural Company is also interested in manufacturing many food products such as olive oil, which is considered to be of high quality and extracted from the company's farm in the Al-Jouf region, as well as jams, natural honey, fruit pastes, tomatoes, flour, organic pasta and organic groats.

Supportive of the economy

Al Watania Agricultural Holding Company is considered one of the most prominent milestones supporting the national economy, it has been working since its foundation to achieve self-sufficiency in food through its agricultural projects in various regions of the Kingdom, in which it has farms with large areas that produce thousands of tons annually of organic and natural fruits and fresh vegetables. It also owns many factories and have projects that produce food and drinks of high nutritional value.

The company's role in achieving the 2030 vision

Contributing to achieving food and water security through our agricultural and industrial projects spread throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, preserving the environment through modern industries and systems and using clean energy. Where the National Agricultural Holding Company has been keen since its inception to take advantage of natural resources in the field of agricultural production, preserve the environment and pay attention to health safety, to contribute to achieving the Saudi Vision 2030 and obtain its goals in achieving food and water security.

Our message

Provide a range of healthy food products that contribute to food security, promote happiness and nutrition in a sustainable and innovative way for the consumer

More than 38 years of excellence and quality

Al Watania Agricultural Holding Company is proud of its career that started nearly four decades ago; With her distinguished record, both strategically in managing sustainable development or business growth, as well as its accomplishments in the field of operational organizational excellence, and obtaining many international and local certificates and awards in product quality.

Our products are the first in the world

Al Watania Agricultural Co." is keen to apply the highest quality standards at all stages of production, from superior care in agricultural fields to harvesting and control of production and supply, until the arrival of the product in the hands of the consumer, and thus the company is proud to have obtained the BIOL certificate for the best olive oil in the world for several times.

An investment in research and sustainability

Al Watania Agricultural Company made the investment in achieving food security, which is considered a socially responsible investment, and today it is considered the first and pioneer company in the field of organic agriculture in the Middle East. The company seeks environment friendly industries through the use of modern systems, and energy alternatives such as:
- Energy derived from renewable natural resources from wind, water and sun.
- The use of modern technical programs such as the "ESCADA" system in irrigation to conserve water consumption.
- Recycling all the products of food processing such as dried olive, tomato pepper and fruit juices and using them to feed livestock as feed or compost as fertilizer in order to exploit resources and preserve the environment.
- Convert livestock waste from manure dung to, and wool to textile fibre.