Founder Sheikh Sulaiman Al Rajhi

The story of the national agricultural started in the early eighties of the last century, by the founder, Sheikh SulAiman Al-Rajhi (1982) as a social initiative to achieve safe food security, fields containing fruit trees and olives in all projects in the Kingdom, to secure the fruits of different seasons, Al Watania Agriculture Company is the first and largest agricultural facility in the Middle East to produce organic fruits and vegetables as well as many other agricultural products. The Watania Agriculture Holding Company is one of the largest livestock breeding projects in Asia, including the Sheep Breeding Project in Basaita, Al Jawf Region, Northern Saudi Arabia. In addition, the national projects in the field of camel and goat farming, Before the most skilled veterinarians and engineers of animal production from local hands and from the Arab countries, and provides this livestock to most of the markets of the Kingdom of Arabia needs of red meat and products …… Fresh milk and its derivatives in a healthy, healthy and safe

The future outlook of the founder

Sheikh Suleiman Al-Rajhi and banking: Out of his keenness on legitimate earning ( Halal) which fosters and bless money, and his continued passion for innovation while preserving the legitimacy of the work consistent with Islamic shariaa; there was a pursuit of creating an Islamic banking system deals in accordance with the Islamic instructions and precepts , to achieve that goal Sheikh Suleiman submit an application to the British Central Bank for a license to open an advisory services office, the request was met with rejection , but Sheikh  Suleiman could– after a personal interview with The Bank officials – persuade them and they approved the request, and the opening was in the year 1402/1981.

Institutional philanthropy :

Al Rajhi and the Corporate Charity Work : At the beginning of the life of Sheikh Sulaiman ; charity was tended generally to a specific type which is helping those in need, where the distribution of handouts and subsidies is done through Sheikh Sulieman himself or his representative, when the Kingdom has organized institutions and associations for charitable aids, the aids of Sheikh Suliaman have been passed through the system and Sheikh Suliaman ‘s role has been limited to control and supervision . later, with business expansion and consultation with scholars.

Business sectors

Sheikh Suliaman decided to create a specialized official body to perform charity works and advocacy, and that was the official birth of ” Sulaiman Ben Abdul Aziz Al Rajhi charity Foundation” under the Ministry of Social Affairs license number (10) on 19/6/2001 , and it represents a culmination of two decades of charitable work. Investment activity: Sheikh  Sulaiman deeply believes in the importance of integration between all sectors for development and sustainability of work, therefore the idea of investing in various sectors and establishing a number of institutions arises, this sectors include:

1. Finance and real estate.

2. Agriculture and food.

3. Industry.

4. Education sector and technology.

(To learn more about the life of Sheikh Suleiman Al Rajhi you can look at the book “Sulaiman Al Rajhi … Life System”)

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