History of Al Watania Agriculture Company.

Due to the special and continuous care of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques over the years to all productive sectors in Saudi Arabia, especially the agriculture sector as a vital component of the development of nations. Al Watania Agriculture Company emerged in the early nineties of the last century by its founder, Sheikh Sulaiman bin Abdul Aziz Al-Rajhi, God protect him, in 1982.

Where Al Watania Agriculture Company started to create the working environment for a significant number of Saudi families producing. Moreover, in 2014 Al Watania Agriculture began hiring Saudi Women workers at a rate equal to or higher than 17.01%.

Al WataniaAgriculture Company has more than 60,000 hectares which used in agricultural activity as the largest agricultural enterprise to produce safe food that takes into consideration the quality and food safety requirements of the Saudi Arabian Standards Organization, the Quality Management System, the Food Safety System (HASP), the European and American FoodProduction Regulations Organic crops, and other regulations related to environmental balance and food security.

Al Watania Agriculture Company’s farms and fields.


Today, Al Watania Agriculture Company owns more than one million trees in the fruit fields in its projects in the Kingdom where fruits are provied in different months. So, Al Watania Agriculture is truly the active lung of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.In addition, Al Watania Agriculture Company is considered the largest agriculture institution for raising cattle, because of the nearly half million sheep in its project in the Al Jawf area of northern Saudi Arabia. Moreover, the large projects of Al Watania Agriculture Company in the field of breeding camels, goats,rabbits, ostriches, and fish which are sponsored and raised under the supervision of the most skilled veterinarians from the hands of Saudi Arabia and the Arab sister countries.This livestock provides the Kingdom markets with all its needs of red and white meat in a healthy and safe manner in various forms according to consumer taste. As many see, Al Watania Agriculture Company is interested in manufacturing especially when it knows the size of its investments in the manufacture of various food products. Itproduces large quantities of dairy and meat products,organic juices, jams, olive oil, fruit and tomatoes pastes, flour, organic pasta, and natural honey at Al Watania food factories. All of which are all made of raw materials from their scattered fields in Saudi Arabia.

Vegetables and fruits

Al Watania Agriculture produced more than 5,000 tons of fresh fruits in 2017


Helps overcome depression, protects against heart ailments,and reduces risk of developing cancer.


Keeps eyes and bones healthy, provides relief from stomach ulcers and constipation, and helps cure kidney disorders.


Supports healthy digestion, boosts heart and cardiovascular health, and protects against DNA damage and oxidative stress.

Red Apple

Relieves constipation, reduces Cholesterol, and helps control weight.

The number of olive trees (intensive), which was planted in 2017 up to one million olive trees.


Improves vision, prevents gallstones, lower hypertension, and good source of antioxidants.


Helps proper brain function, improves skin health, and reduce rheumatism.


Improves digestion, helps balance hormones, and provides beneficial essential oils that fight cancer.


Reduces bad cholesterol, lowers cancer risk, and keeps skin youthful.


Freshens your breath, reinforces heart health, contains antioxidant properties.


Protects heart, cures sore throat, and regulates blood pressure.

Al Watania Agriculture certificates.


Al Watania Agriculture Company has not only focused its attention on major products, but also has created large numbers of secondary products that may not benefit other agriculture projects effectively. So, Al watania Agriculture company has transformed livestock waste from manure to natural fertilizer and provide wool to Saudi Arabia markets. Al Watania agriculture company obtained ISO 9001 quality certification in1998, ensuring full quality management in its products as it is the first agriculture facility in the Middle East to produce natural fruits and vegetables as well as many other agriculture products. Al Watania has obtained the EcoSert Certificate of Organic Products for 2001. It has continued to review its efficiency and commitment to quality and has been awarded a permanent certificate of ISO 9001 in 2001. Al Watania Agriculture Company has again been awarded the Organic Certificate for another period after testing its organic products in 2002. It also obtained the certificate of Quality Mark from the Saudi Arabian Organization for Standardization and Metrology (SASO), which in turn confirmed the quality of Al Watania Agriculture Company products by international and local standards.

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