Natural Salt 640 gm

Table salt is usually used in cooking and food preservation. Mainly consists of sodium chloride (Nacl). They appear in small or large granules. Salt is a transparent, crisp metal that has been used since ancient times to give food its flavor and to preserve it. Today, salt is also used in the manufacture of a large number of chemicals and chemical products.



There are various uses of salt that can be used:

Helps strengthen the gums and teeth when mixed with lemon juice. Increases hair growth and activates when massage the scalp with salt and water solution.
It works to fix the taste, and compensates for the lack of salts in the foods that were lost during the cooking process.
Protects the body from colds, by massage the body with dissolved salt with warm water, then wash it with cold water.
Useful in getting rid of the effects of grape juice patches. It stops the growth of unwanted grasses located close to the outside doors and others, where the salt is sprayed on the required places and the water is placed above it. Removes the moisture present in shoes that cause foul odor.


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