Laurel soap

Laurel Soap is one of the finest types of soap used to care for the body and hair. It contains a high percentage of natural ingredients that are safe, useful for the body and hair. It also contains a high percentage of natural essential oils. The most notable are laurel oil extracted from laurel, black seed oil and oil. Olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, and cotton seed oil. In addition to these ingredients it contains many essential elements such as sodium.



Benefits of laurel soap for hair
1.  Fits all kinds of hair. Prevent hair loss, and bomb.
2.Nourishes hair follicle, strengthens it, and nourishes its roots up to the extremities
3.Strengthens hair growth, increases its density, and height. Treatment of early gray, and delay the appearance,
4.It keeps its natural color. Moisturizes hair, gives it softness, luster, and strength.
5.Treat the crust, calms the scalp. How to use laurel soap for hair

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