Pregnancy helps:

Many doctors and dietitians recommend women who want to have more children to eat; it contains plenty of vitamin A important during pregnancy and childbirth.
Protects infectious diseases:

It contains vitamin C, which protects against all infectious diseases, especially colds, and strengthens the body’s immunity against the microbes that cause it, such as viruses and parasites.
Strengthens the eyes:

The high proportion of vitamin A contained in it, support the eyes and protect them from many diseases, most notably night blindness.


Apricot is one of the most common summer fruits. Many people like it. It has a great health benefit because it contains many nutrients. It can also be taken in different forms, either freshly washed or used in the manufacture of sweets or juices. We are talking here about apricot jam, specifically its benefits to the body in detail, regardless of the great energy it will give to the body as well as the rest of the jam.

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